About Geoff Woodburn

Geoff Woodburn - Web Designs & Developer

I began my career as a Computer Aided Draftsman for one of the largest sign companies in Southern California. While there I gained tremendous experience working hand in hand with some of the largest design groups from across the country.

After a couple of years at the sign company I felt that I needed to find a job that allowed me to be more creative. Having landed a job as a designer with Prudential California Realty I decided to immerse myself within the creative industry. I joined every creative community I could find and began reading every book I felt would further my knowledge. After a couple of years I was promoted to the Senior Graphic Designer position where I was in charge of training and supervising very talented young designers. I enjoyed my time there, a total of 5 years, but still felt as though something was missing.

In June of 2006 my family and I moved up to Silverdale, WA where I started my a design firm, Woodburn Designs, Inc. I quickly realized that in order to run a succesful design business in 2006 I would need to learn web design and development. Again, I did everything I could to learn what I needed to learn. I loved every second of running my own business. Unfortunately after three years the economy dried up and I was forced to close the doors on the full-time design firm.

After briefly looking for a full-time job I was contact by Adknowledge, of Kansas City, MO. After some careful consideration I knew that this was the place for me. Adknowledge employs some of the most talented people from across the country and I knew that I'd be able to continue my eduction in web design and development. I am currently a Senior Software Engineer for Adknowledge and feel lucky to be where I am. Every day is a learning experience and thats all I could ask for.